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    Mar 28, 2016
    Hi I have had my 3 chickens for 3 weeks,they are about 21 weeks old,one chicken has started laying eggs although not fit to eat yet, my concern is that they hardly eat their pellets they have two mug fulls of pellets in a dish at the start of the week and buy the end of the week I throw most of it away and put fresh in, I was feeding them a cup of corn every morning which they liked but was advised to stop until they start eating pellets. My chickens are kept in a run while Im in work but when Im home they roam the garden and eat whatever is about.
    My other worry is if they dont eat the pellets how do I worm them ?

    Thanks for any advise
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    They will eat the pellets when they get hungry enough. They are probably holding out on you, wanting their corn. You could also try switching to crumbles and see if they eat more, some chickens just like them better.

    As far as worming, it's best not to use feed to deworm them anyway. You never know by that method how much each bird got and if they got enough to do the job. In my opinion feeding small amounts of dewormer delivered via feed over a longer course of time is an excellent way to build resistance in parasites anyway. Your much better off using a good, broad spectrum wormer like Valbazen or Safeguard and dosing each bird orally. That way you know for sure that each one got the exact dose it needs to do the job. With Valbazen you'd then retreat with a second dose in 10 days, with Safeguard you treat for 3-5 days in a row and your done.
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