Chicks not growing right. Skinny and dying

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by khawdashhtchngs, Feb 28, 2016.

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    Anyone ever dealt with young chicks who don't develop like the rest? Feathers growing bigger and faster than they are and not gaining weight and very bones and skinny? In chicks like 1-4 weeks old. No signs of cocci or other issues. Have full access to all the fresh food and water that they want. Perfectly warm brooder and clean environment
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    could be a failure to thrive. That does happen sadly, sometimes. It can be different causes. There could be a issue or problem the chick was hatched with that you can't see, or it could be as simple as it grows slower than the others. make sure it's not being bullied by the others and being kept away from food by chicks higher in the pecking order. I wish I knew more to help. you might want to type in this sites search bar "failure to thrive" and read a bit about the condition. see if you agree that's what it seems the bird has. perhaps you will come across some suggestions that can help when your reading? Good luck and I'm so sorry your bird is not growing like it should. Hope this helps .
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    Aww sound so sad ^^^^ but yea maybe look into that chicks are like hardcore and stuff like that but if ur the weakest out of all the chicks u won't get much food
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    what breeder chicks are these that are dying on you?

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