Chicks not interested in yogurt/treats


8 Years
Mar 11, 2011
Western Massachusetts
My girls are almost 5 weeks old (3 BR and 3 RIR) and have been in their coop/run and free ranging for a few days now. They have scratched up several small earthworms on their own and run around with them like the do with superworms but don't eat them. I have also tried yogurt and some fruit and garden greens and they peck at it a little and leave it. It has been a couple weeks since I offered either.

Has anyone noticed that they take interest in some things as they get older?

Should I keep offering these items. I really want them to have treats but I also want them to get used to things that may help them in case of a problem (i.e. the yogurt for gut issues).

I would really appreciate feedback on this. Thanks!
My EEs were suspicious of new foods. Had to offer something a few times before they would eat it. Now my month younger silkies are greedy little things and will scarf any treat I offer in my hand.
I couldn't get my girls to eat treats until they were a couple months old, and even then I had to offer things to them a couple of times. Eventually they became little piglets and will chase me down if they think I've got something for them!
I started offering my chicks who are 6 weeks old chopped scrambled eggs early then trying other treats that others have recommended. They love eggs, spaghetti noodles (sometimes I even put a little thinned peanut butter on it like phad thai), but they don't care for yogert or chopped grapes. May try oatmeal and raisins next.
I have one suggestion for you, try the yogurt in a spoon with crumbles on top. This was the only way ours would try it, and now they go wild for the stuff, and it's hilarious to watch too.

I have been giving small treats since about 3 weeks old or so, they are now 5 weeks old. I see that anything I randomly throw inside if it's not a bug, they are very suspicious of it.

The first time I gave them yogurt I put it in a bowl, they wouldn't touch it. They will happily peck it off my fingers and sometimes the spoon. They also hated grapes and watermelon.

I think it just takes a while for them to try new things.
Just about any new treat has taken mine some getting used to. I thought the first watermelon scraps were going to go to waste til some of them finally got up enough nerve to try it. I tries BOSS several times til someone suggested giving it with scrambled eggs. Now they go for the BOSS first. I think they're just afraid of anything new.

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