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    May 6, 2011
    I have six chicks.. Four cuckoo marans are fully feathered, two younger (2wks or so) babies, and I've agreed to house three more cuckoo marans for my friend who found out she cannot have them at home.. My mothers day present was a hoop coop built by my hubby and daughter. The back wall s plywood and a tan tarp covers about 2/3 of the coop. The rest is open. It sits in grass that is struggling to green up and mostly brown. Took the older chicks outside yesterday while construction was in full swing but brought them in later. Today all six were cooped up in the completed coop all day. One of the babies was cold but would not go under the heat lamp.. Instead she tried to snuggle with the older ones. Tried to put the babies in a box under the light together but they would have none of it.. They seem to be distressed when seperated from the older four hens. Even when cleaning the brooder, if I separate the babies I get distress cries the whole time. I think the older ones could be good overnight but if the babies are not going to seek the lamp I worry that they will get too chilled at night. Should I let the older four spend the night and take the babies inside or just wait till they all can be out overnight?
    Should I quarantine the three Marans my friend will be bringing over? They are the same type and age (about 5 weeks old). They have been kept by her sister until old enough to move outside.
    I am soo excited about my hoop coop! It looks like a covered wagon! I love it! My daughter made a cute sign to hang on it too. Do I need to add pine shavings or can they just scratch up the grass? The coop is moveable but I want to keep it stationary near the door until all the chicks are settled nicely. Will eating the little bit of grass, both green and brown, hurt them?

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