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Mar 7, 2012
I know people come on here all the time to ask this question. But I'm not sure.

My chicks are almost 4 weeks old. The two brown leghorns look completely feathered, but the americaunas and buff orphingtons still have a little bit of fluff. They're starting to stink in the brooder, and I'm getting tired of cleaning it every day. The temperatures here are around 80 during the day and mid-50s at night. Can I move them to their coop? I can run a cord and move the heat lamp out there if I need to.
i understand what you are going through, though it is worth it in the end.chickens should not be outside untill about 6-8 weeks. you can put them in a room you dont go in a lot, like we did. if you can set up a brooder in your coop with a heat lamp that could work, as long as you dont let them outside.

any questions, send a pm!

good question!
what I did is I let them in the coop for a wee bit while I cleaned, and then brought them back inside. They got familiar with the coop, so by the time they were 6 weeks old they weren't scared to be in there...well sorta HA! But yeah they do start to have wild parties at about 4 weeks, you just have to grin and bare it.
Once they are feathered out and the weather is nice and sunny...I let them out for the entire day. They love it and it is so fun to watch them explore their new home outside. I get them used to taking feed from my hand, so they come to me when I come into the backyard. It makes gathering them up and bringing them in each night much easier.

Here's what they looked like at 3 weeks:

Here's what they look like at 7 weeks:

As long as the weather is nice and warm, get them outside as soon as possible
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I'd move them out. I'd put a heat lamp out there to use only at night unless you see them bunching up in a corner. I think I turned the brooder off on my chicks at about 4 weeks. They are 6 weeks now, it is in @ 40 and raining/snowing during the day, and they are fine. It would be best if it was warmer but we don't get to choose our weather. I'd move a heat lamp in there if I thout they needed it but they don't. Bty, make sure the chicks can't knock over the heat lamp.

I should have asked if there were any other chickens in the coop, are there? If so that is another problem. I am assuming the coop is empty without these chicks.
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