Chicks peeping !!! Day 19?

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Jan 9, 2011
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So today is friday, and they werent suposed to start hatching till sunday
, so I guess I'll just call them early birds. Befor I left the house this morning, I took out the egg turner, and began the first day of lockdown, when I came home I found one had started pipping, and four others were chirping inside their shells. I wasn't really suprised, because for some reason mine always hatch a day early (for some reason this was two days), but I'm just relieved I started lockdown this morning, I don't know what would have happened if I didn't.
Sweet! Mine are exposed to hatch Sunday too! I wouldn't worry about them. One of mine was 4 days early then 3 and now today two of them hatched! Two more to go for me! Good luck with yours! By the way, up the humidity!
in summer I often get 1-2 earlies, usually has to do with heat. Example many people will tell you to leave your eggs on the counter to rest, out here when it's 112 day and 89 night, that can start incubation, same if they're shipped eggs who spend a day on a 112 degree mail truck. In winter it's back to the normal day legnths.

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