Chicks prefer Flock Raiser crumbles over medicated feed


Jan 20, 2020
Southeastern PA
Hi there! So, the first day I had our chicks, I didn't have medicated feed yet so I fed them Purina Flock Raiser Crumbles. When I got Manna medicated feed the next day, I mixed it in with the previous food. The chicks purposely avoided the medicated feed. I tried again the last two days and they do not like the medicated feed. Do you think it is okay for me to just give them the flock raiser crumbles? They eat them like crazy. I have ACV in their water for gut health. Their brooder is clean and I give fresh water and food a few times a day. I'm a newbie so I just wanted to check with some of you who are seasoned chick moms. Thanks!


6 Years
Jun 16, 2013
northwest Arkansas
Flock raiser is great for chicks, it often has higher protein than chick feed and that supports growth. If you don’t have an established flock you may not need medicated food, I’ve never used it. Didn’t have coccidia till after 6 years of chicken keeping. You can always use Corid if there are signs of problems. You could ferment the medicated feed and see if they will eat it that way.

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