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    For Pick Up Only. Prices will vary depending on age, breed, etc. In case anyone hasn't seen my ad on CL, I have:

    Barnevelder, Buckeye, and Buff Brahma chicks for sale. Days to a couple of weeks old. These are potential Show Quality (SQ) birds. The Barnies are mine and Buckeyes are mine. The BBs are from a top breeder on the east coast.

    I have a few young Ameraucana cockerels available now. Make your own Easter Eggers and come get one of my fine Ameraucana cockerels. Several to choose from. Get 'em while they're cheap. The longer I feed them the more they'll cost. I have 5 older Buckeye cockerels that can go now too They'd be about ready to butcher if that's your desire. Take one or take all. Volume discount!

    I have a few Easter Egger chicks now. These are older, fully feathered young birds.

    I breed and show WBS Ameraucanas, Barnevelders, Buckeyes, and Welsummers. One of my Barnevelder pullets took Best of Breed and Reserve Continental at the Monroe Show last March. A Blue Wheaten cockerel took Reserve Breed and my other birds did well too. This year I've decided to buy hatching eggs for some of the breeds I'd like to have just as "eye candy" rather than getting the hatchery birds from local feedstores. That is in addition to the ones I breed of course. This will be just to keep me and my customers in eggs while I'm collecting for the incubator. Excess chicks I hatch will be sold.

    I've been talking to a lot of breeder's around the country about hatching eggs for several breeds I'd like to have. Here are the breeds that I'm looking for now and plan to get:

    1) Barred Rocks (BR)
    2) Black Jersey Giants (BJG) - hatching this weekend
    3) Buff Brahmas (BB) - several left to sell
    4) Black, Blue, and/or Buff Orpingtons (BO) - Blues, Blacks & Lavender hatched. Selling older birds after I've decided what to keep.
    5) Golden-Laced Wyandottes (GLW)
    6) Silver-Laced Wyandottes (SLW)
    7) Blue-Laced Red Wyandottes (BLRW)
    8) New Hampshires (NH) - Hopefully on the way soon
    9) Rhode Island Reds (RIR) - I have a few available. More later.
    10) Black Langshans - On the way soon.

    I think that's it but with chickens I just never know. If I see something that catches my eye, I may just have to get some. For example, I recently heard that someone in the USA has some BLR Barnevelders. If I see them, I'll probably have to get some! If you have something specific you are looking for, let me know and I may be able to help.

    For those who like cockerels and roosters to use for the pot (or for breeding to your own birds and making your own Easter Eggers), call me and let me know. I have no doubt I'll have plenty to get rid of in the next several months..

    Just FYI, I raise, breed, and show my birds. My breeding program focuses primarily on APA SOPs, egg color and size, with production being a secondary consideration as well.

    And in case you're interested, my Ameraucanas came from one of the Top 5 Breeders in the country, my Barnevelders, and Welsummers came from one of the five original breeders that got them accepted into the APA, and I have also added Buckeyes. One line whose Daddy is the Brother of the 2009 National Champion over the daughters of the '09 Nat'l Champ. The other line is from the Daddy of the 2009 Nat'l Buckeye Champion (and the Brother of the overall 2007 Nat'l Champion) over the daughters of the '09 Nat'l Champ. And then I also added Buckeyes from another top, well-known breeder's birds. This year I will be adding the very rare Mahogany Russian Orloff. A variety not yet approved but a very strikingly beautiful bird!

    You can see pics of my birds and eggs on my webpage: . Just click on the applicable album (i.e. "Ameraucana" or "Welsummer" and "My Eggs' album) to see them. Everything else you see on my webpage, I've either gotten rid of or keep just a couple around for eye candy.

    Feel free to email me for more information or if you have any questions. Email works best as I just remembered I haven't been on BYC in a coon's age. If you want to talk, shoot me an email and I'll reply with my number.

    God Bless,

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