Chicks shipping early! Yay!


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Ideal just called and asked if I minded if they shipped my chicks sooner, like today! According to their website they had limited availability for today and when I placed my order, I couldn't get them until the 24th. I was quite bummed out to wait that long. I've been medicating myself with working on the new improved coop and run. I must say, it is shaping up!

I had 7 chicks originally and one died and five disappeared, so these are replacement chicks. It absolutely broke my heart to lose my girls, they were just past the ugly-teenage stage and were getting beautiful.

I stopped by my local crack house (feed store) and they had turkeys. Well, two stops there today and I ended up with a turkey. I was thinking how sad it was going to be with no chick-mates. Now, he is going to have 12! Not only that, my lone survivor was getting pretty lonely too and she was checking out the turkey.

I am so excited. I had chosen the Light Brahmas because they looked pretty in pictures, but my gosh, those were some gorgeous chicks I had.

I'll be picking up my new girls on Friday. YAY! Oh, and I had originally planned to have 4 chickens total. Now? Um...One Light Brahma rooster, one Australop, 13 Light Brahma hens and an as yet, unsexed bronze turkey. Did I mention my pygmy goats? Just two of those (so far). Hey, it isn't my fault they have minimum orders! I can stop any time...

My girlfriend said she is gonna ban me from going to Kilby's Feed & Seed.
Tell her you'll ban her from Sally's Beauty Supply or someplace LOL. Oh and about the so much for 4. I originally agreed with mom only 10 or so. I have over 90 birds (yes they are in a healthy environment and yes its legal). Oh oh why do you call it a crack house??? LOL
My Ideal order was shipped today too! Well actually its my grandson's birthday present. He just turned 8. He wanted some BB old english game banties. Well I needed two more female pekin ducklings.

Well I did!! I have 3 boys and 1 girl!

And well I ordered 2 more BO's, and 2 more BR's, and 2 more Australorps, and umm 2 more EE's and umm I don't know what else. But I swear I only went up to Ideals site to order 5 chicks for my grandson.

Now I'm in deep do do because hubby doesn't know the rest are coming!

Good luck with your new babies. And I agree, the Light Brahmas are stunning! I just hatched out a whole bunch of them and gave them away to a local farmer who was looking for them.

Gave them away! I've been to an auction, checked the Market Bulletin, the Iwanna and Craigslist and I have yet to see a Light Brahma anywhere. Well, except for one rooster about an hour away. His name is Doodle Do and spends most of his day riding on my goats back. I'm surprised Brahmas aren't more popular. They are good producers, cold hardy and gorgeous, what is not to love?

Of course, with 15 chickens total, I'm gonna be eating a LOT of hollandaise sauce.

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