Chicks shipping today...


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Apr 1, 2010
15 coming from Meyer Hatchery. I'm expecting them tomorrow or more likely Wed AM.
4 staying with me. Shared the order with others. Should have 2 extra BO if all arrive safely. If you are looking and want to come to Madison, WI... send me a note.
6 BO
5 EE
3 BR

Brooder is all set. Lights going on tonight to ensure proper heat in the chilly garage. Pine shavings down in kiddie pool. Starter feed setup. Fence and draft shield all set. Paper towels down on top of shavings.

One question on water: I have electrolyte powder. Should I use that at the start? (for how long?) What about sugar? (heard it is good the first day or two). So electrolyte, sugar, both, or neither? thx. Guess it is more than one question.

Fingers crossed for an over hatching of BLRW so those that I shared my order with will get one.

Almost time to start training the dogs on what a chicken is. (MINE and NOT theirs!)

I hope their trip is quick and warm.
i ordered from meyer last week. i have 25 white leghorns coming next week. march 7th hatch day. and i should have them march 8th-10th. . im thinking if they ship the 8th i will have them the 10th. not sure on the elctrolytes might want to see how they are when they arrive if there lively i woudnt bother allthough they do act sleepy when you first get them. i have never added anything to there water before all mine did fine. good luck with your chicks.
Meyer told me directly that they do not add extra chicks on orders of less than 25 chicks. Instead, they'll add heat packs if necessary. Ihope you get your extra chicks, but I wouldn't count on it.

Only add sugar if the birds are refusing to drink or do not seem to be drinking enough on the first day only. Make sure they have just water for the first hour in order to rehydrate themselves, then put the feed in. But only add sugar if they are refusing to drink.
Just got a call from Meyer. All out of the BLRW.
I knew I was the last one on the list to get one and had a note on my order to get another if they have an over hatching. They had an under hatching so I get none.
But they gave me a list to choose from and were very patient with me while I looked them up. Decided on a Black Copper Maran so I'm excited about the change even though the one I wanted most (and why I went with Meyer) was the BLRW. Looks like next time I'll have to order more than two months in advance to get one.

Now I know they are all boxed up and ready for shipping today.

Next hope is for safe travels and no roos.

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