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Apr 7, 2019
Hi! We have two broodies and decided to get some chicks for them to adopt. We ordered from Hoover's as it's fairly close and had all of the breeds we wanted (the only hatchery that did). We are expecting a few assorted girls, some Polishes, some Olive Eggers and some Marans on Friday. They shipped today. Hoping they come earlier than Friday evening like the estimate was. This is our first time mail ordering chicks... :fl
If they seem weak when they arrive we'll give them some NutriDrench but I mainly hope all of them survive! It's hot here right now so at least they shouldn't be cold. Anyone had good experiences with Hoover's? :)
I don't have experience with said hatchery,,,,,,,,,, but I think ALL hatcheries try their BEST to satisfy their customers.:frow
My suggestion, if your broodies are not sitting on eggs, (fake, or non-fertile) is to place some under them. When your chicks arrive, and you are ready to swap, switch out eggs with chicks (preferably during nighttime )
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, :highfive:
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Thanks! Yes, they are sitting on eggs - we don't actually know if the eggs are fertile or not (more likely not) but if they are, hatch day is tomorrow! Yeah, we will switch the eggs for chicks a little after nightfall :D They're arriving tomorrow afternoon probably... will update on how it goes!
The chicks have arrived!!!! :wee
They got to the post office at 4:30 am this morning! We heard about it at 6:30 and were picking them up by 7. We heard very loud chirping from the box - always a good sign.
When we got home, we took them to the brooder and opened the box. All 15 were alive and well!! One of them seemed to have slight sneezing and we kept an eye on her but it cleared up.
Out of the ones we chose: We have 3 BC Marans, 3 Sapphire Olive Eggers, 2 WCB Polishes, a buff laced polish and a gold laced polish. (The gold one is gorgeous.) Then we have 3 Colored Egg assortment and 2 Rare assortment. For these, I don't quite know, but I can guess a few. I think we have a Wheaten Marans, a Prairie Bluebell Egger and a Cuckoo Marans. As for the other two, I will make a breed ID thread soon :)
We are going to introduce them at nightfall but for now they are in the brooder. I'm so glad they all made it! Pics coming soon! :celebrate

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