Chicks sleep by the door.

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    I have an odd problem. I have 30 about 3 week old chicks. I have a coop that the door is chicken wire and wood. The rest of the coop is plywood covered, except a large chicken wire 6x2 window on one side. Maybe I can get you a picture if its needed.

    So here's my problem. My chicks all sleep and hangout right by the door. All in like a 2' x 1' section. I can't open the door without a few of them falling out of the coop. Then I have to chase them all until I catch them [​IMG]

    Why do they all sleep right there? Do they like to be as close to outside as they can get? Do they like the breeze that's coming in right there? They don't have roost's yet, do you think if I gave them some they would be inclined to stay on them and away from the door?

    Any thoughts?

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    They will commonly sleep in a pile in a corner until they are 12 to 16 weeks old and they should start roosting on their own. It is instinct to pile up like under mama for the first few months of life....

    If you put a stuffed animal in another corner they may move to it....

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