Chicks sleeping alot


6 Years
Aug 22, 2013
Hello ,

sorry for a very stupid question but i am a bit concerned . I have hatched 9 chicks in an incubator and 6 of them were mispositioned and i had to help them hatching but the rest 3 have hatched own their own .
Today was day 2 but if i compare my 2 day old chicks to you tube 2 day old chick video , i can concerned as they are sleeping all day eating a little but learning to eat some of them drink water but some of them i soak their beaks in water .
is it normal for them to sleep that much ,
Just to go through my brooder setup as it might not be right so is causing that .
I have got a plastic big storage box with 40w reptile heating bulb in and the bulb is sitting about 7 inches from bottom of the brooder.
The chicks are sleeping around it and some time they sleep right beneath it . They are not making lots of noises very occasionally some make.
the temperature around about 2 inches away is 37.4 .
where am i going wrong , are they too warm ?
is it only me just worrying unnecessary?

please reply

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