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    Yes I read the suggestions, better pictures tomorrow really-

    Here are the Jets

    They are 6-9 weeks old and the Silkie is Bennie who I'm told is full blood.


    I'll take them out individually tomorrow, there's one of each that 'has more black' then the other one and looks ... well I'm confused -

    (too excited not to post)

    Well seems I missed the GLW completely... not sure how- camera must have eaten those picts.
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  2. FireTigeris

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    OK- now how do I pick which pictures? = the album

    There are ... now lots of pictures...

    34 new ones (counting the new ones of Bennie)


    Physical descriptions of the babies are:

    SLW - black back
    SLW- Silver back
    GLW- Gold back
    GLW- Black Back

    I'm worried I have two couples... that would give me 3 roos...

    here are some of the best pictures:




    by chance the two black backs are facing the same way.
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    May 20, 2009
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    Did you order pullets from a hatchery? because I think there right. I see all pullets [​IMG]
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    Guy on CL - hope they are old enough.

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