Chicks Sneezing


11 Years
May 23, 2011
I have two Yokohama, and two Japanese bantam chicks I got from my feed store. They will be two weeks old tomorrow. However, the two Yokohama chicks are doing a sneezing type of thing. They were in a large fish tank, but they were outgrowing it. So today, I put them in a larger cage, so they have more room. Its a wire cage, so I am guessing they might be cold? I do have a heat lamp in there, but they are not all huddled around it like there cold. They seem to okay. They do a little sneeze thing, and jerk their head. But there both eating and drinking. Am I over reacting, or should I put them in their old tank, where there warmer? Thanks!
They don't sound cold to me. My chicks sneezed a lot, too, and I think it was because they just produce so much dust from getting their new feathers. If you're concerned about them being too exposed, you could acclimate them to the larger space by covering the wire cage on one or two sides.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Your setup sounds great, and the fact that they are eating and drinking is a good sign. If they are sneezing all the time and having trouble breathing, I would worry, but it just sounds like your chicks are just doing some healthy, harmless sneezing.

Don't worry, you aren't overreacting. You're doing exactly what you should be doing
My 3 chicks who seem healthy as far as I can tell sneeze a bit. Like they are breathing hard to get stuff out of their nose. This has been going on for 2 weeks or so and I am just going to assume it's nothing unless I see some other symptoms.

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