Chicks Sold Please remove. Welsummer Chicks


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Conroe, TX
I have some healthy Welsummer Chicks available. I am willing to part with 7 pullets and 1 roo. These are hatchery birds from Ideal. Asking $7.50 each for the pullets & $5 for the roo. Buy all the pullets & roo is free! Hatched 8/5/09. Shipping not available.

Pictures coming soon... I took some already but got a very nice pic of the chicken wire w/ blurry birds behind.
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Photo of one of the chicks:

i will take 2 pullets and the roo.i should have got in touch with you at the trade days,i saw your other post about the roo and pullets from the same hatch?i can pick them up friday eve if thats ok.thanks i will pm my cell#
Great! Pickup on Friday should be OK. As far as I know they are from the same hatch -- they were shipped together. Got your PM.

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