Chicks suddenly skittish....????


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Jun 11, 2008
N. West Michigan
We got a batch of 18 assorted Chicks (of our choosing) on the 5th of this month...

We Lost 3 over the following week... the rest (other than one with a crop problem.. see the emergency section on her!) are all health & happy in a LARGE dishwasher box in My 14 yr old daughters room (we allways raise them this way!)

They have been held and coddled several times daily since they arrived, and WERE friendly and getting spoiled... but little by little over this past 6-7 days or so, they suddenly got more "Skittish" and freak-out when we approach the box, and only a select few will let us touch them now...???

Is this a "Terrible two's stage" type of behavior, or is something going on????

Nothing has harmed or startled them, and theres been no change in their living conditions or food/water.

Anyone else have this happen?? Did they go back to being "nice babies"???
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Jun 29, 2007
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Mine a lot of times seem to go through a "spazzy" period too. Then they calm down again. I think a lot depends on the breeds involved. My speckled sussex are never spazzy and have almost been stepped on many times!!


11 Years
Jun 11, 2008
N. West Michigan
LOL! Ok thanx!
Yep we got :
3 Aracaunas (bearded! too kewl -- look like little owls!)
2 Australorps
2 naked necks/turkens
2 Buff Rocks
2 Cherry-eggers
2 2 California Whites
2 Silver-laced Wyandottes

The Whites, Buffs and Cherry Eggers are the calmest of the bunch, with the Aracaunas slowly calming down... and 1 naked-neck is real spoiled due to early health problems.

Soon will be introducing them to the flock--
5 barred Rocks
5 Partridge Rocks
3 Black Silkies
3 white Silkies
3 Old English Bantams
2 Golden-Laced Seabrights
1 Mille' Fluer Cochin

THAT will be Fun (not!)

From here on in-- no more Chickens till the Meat birds come this Spring!!!
Good thing We have a good-sized coop!!!


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Jul 27, 2008
It could be the age? I agree about it possibly being the breeds as well. We have our mixed,they seem to be more calm/docile, our purebreds are more high strung. But thats not saying it couldnt differ from group to group!

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