Chicks to coop?


8 Years
Jun 9, 2011
Rochester area/WNY
They get big so fast! I bought the biggest plastic tote I could find, but my chicks are two weeks old and seem to be getting crowded. My mother & father in law used to raise chicks and didn't even use a brooder (then again my parents didn't use carseats when I was a baby
) and they have been telling us they need to go out in their coop. They are starting to get their feathers. Nights are now getting down into the low 60's or upper 50's. We don't really have another place to keep them in the house that will be safe from our kitties and doggies. Could they withstand those nights soon?
not without a heat lamp and a small space inside the coop. if I was you I would wait till there fully feathered. until then I would just go get a big cardboard box some where.

hope that answered your question 10 point
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I had to buy 3 large rubbermaid contianers and cut holes in the side and duct taped them together I put a roost in 1 and food and water in the other and the 3rd was left empty for a place to play! I have 15 3 week olds and I believe this will stay large enough for them until they are 5 to 6 weeks! Or you can go to a large grocery store and ask for a watermelon box! You can also buy large appliance boxes online! Good luck!

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