chicks to established hens?

Nov 7, 2017
I currently only have 2 hens, who just started laying eggs a few months ago. we are getting new chicks to add for a better established flock.

the chicks will most likely be indoors and raised by us, being that our hens do not stay on their eggs for long and show no signs of broodiness.

should we slowly introduce them once the chicks are feathered?? or when its warm outside bring the chicks out for a few mins at a time just so they can see the new arrivals??

any tips for happy flock will help!!

thank you!

Lacy Duckwing

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Nov 6, 2017
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Whenever I introduce new chicks I wait until they are 3-4 months old. What breed is the two hens? If you have something like Orpingtons 2-2.5 months might be alright, but if they are something like Sex Links you you might want 4-5 months before putting them in.

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