Chicks to the coop?

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    I have three hy-line chicks, 3 weeks and a bit, old. They have been in the nursery which has glass sides and a mesh top, the problem is that in the NT it gets awfully wet and humid and I'm worried about coccidiosis and other diseases. Do you think I can put them in the coop? It's predator and harsh weather proof, and Darwin is hot, always.
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    Here are some pictures of one of them :jumpy[​IMG]
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    They actually shouldn't get cocidiosis in a bin as it's usually gotten from the ground, so be aware they might pick it up from wet ground.

    I move mine out as soon as I can, just provide any additional heat in the coop if they need it, anything below 75 degrees at three weeks I might give them a bit of heat, though they look pretty feathered out already, and sometimes I put mine out for the day and put them in their brooder pen at night for a few weeks.
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    They should be fine outdoors in the coop, especially if they are already being weaned off supplemental heat. If you are feeding a medicated chick starter, then there should be no worries about coccidiosis. If you're not feeding medicated, then make sure you have some sort of treatment, like Corid, on hand.

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