Chicks to the coop?


8 Years
Jul 30, 2013
I've got two sets of chicks about 4 weeks apart so my grow box is split in half. One month old on one side one week old on the other. I want to move the older chicks to the coop (already 12 laying hens there).. what age is a good time to make the move?
It depends on the weather where you live and how well-feathered your chicks are. Your chicks need to have enough real feathers, not the downy fluff, to keep them warm and dry. Different breeds mature at different rates, so you really have to go by feathering out. Additionally, if you just throw them in with your layers, the layers will attack them. They will need their own space out with the layers where the birds can see each other, but can't get at each other. This will allow the hens to get used to seeing them and hopefully not kill them when you have them greet each other later.
Unless you have a broody hen that can protect the chicks, i would not integrate any chick unitl they are atleast three months old. Four would be better. If I were you, I would build a chicken tractor in the same area as your bigger layers. You can then house your older chicks when they are six to eight weeks old. This will allow you to keep your new chicks within viewing distance of the layers while they grow up and will make integration better at a later date.

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