Chicks today from Ideal!!! Cutie pics!!!


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Jun 20, 2009
Orange County, NY
Only one DOA - a jersey giant roo - the biggest one, so sad, but I also got

13 Packing Peanuts!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell me they aren't RIR's???
So far, I have 3 birchen cochin bantam (??) a red chantecler, partridge chantecler, sp. sussex, GLW, one JG pullet and a welsummer pullet. Can you tell which ones?? The one with the dot in the bottom left is the red chantecler.


They did awesome at the post office - we have 15 inches of snow coming, only lost one - Probably due to being the weakest, tho it was the largest.
wow, look at all the pretty rhode island red rooster chicks! Ok ok, only teasing! I really can't tell THAT just yet! But anyhow, cute pictures. Thanks for sharing. And what little I know, is that chipmunk looking chick is probably your Welsummer. Someone please do correct me if I'm wrong. I am teachable!

Again, congrats on your new little ones! I get mine on March 8. And we have um, lots of snow too... I'm in North Dakota, and sure am praying for a sudden warm snap that weekend they ship up here from McMurray.
You never know. If sexing is only 90% accurate and they sometimes mistake a cockerel for a pullet, what's to say the same isn't true in reverse; sexed as a cockerel, but actually a pullet. Chances are slim to be sure, but I just thought I'd give you some hope.
I would agree that one of the chipmunks is the Welsumer, and the other chipmunkies might be the speckled sussex and the GLW.
They are so pretty!! I got mine from Ideal today too. It's been a long time since we've had little fuzzy butts to love, I'd forgotten just how cute they really are!!
Have fun!!

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