Chicks trampleing each other in the incubator.

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Youngfamily1989, Oct 19, 2007.

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    Like I said I hatched 11 chicks this past time and they walked all over each other. Now with 52 eggs there will be alot of chicks in there this time "hopefully". Do you think I should remove them to dry as they hatch ? One thing I did noticed is that it looked like it help stimulate some of the chicks to get up and get going when they were stepped on.

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    If they are that crowded, I would take the ones out that are moving around and put them into a brooder. Make sure they don't get chilled while moving them. They need that rest time, after fighting so hard to get out of the egg, they don't need to be stepped on.

  3. I would try to let them dry as much as possible then move them just make sure there isnt a draft where your brooder is. I have done this several times and not have had any problems with it. Good luck with your hatch. Just make sure when you are taking them to transfer you do it as quick as possible dont want the temps to fluctuate more then neccesary
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    I did the same thing and had no problems. I had 7 hatch and after each hatched i'd let it sit in the bator for at least two hours, and then if none of the others were well on their way out i'd just quickly remove the chick and put it in the brooder to dry. But I wouldnt do it if there were others in the middle of coming out, because I didn't want to take away their humidity which helps them come out.
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