chicks under a non-broody hen at night?

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    Tried to find a thread like this but didn't have any luck. Feel free to send me a link if you know of one.

    Last Oct I had a hen go broody, I ended up getting a three chicks for her- she raised them really well- I didn't have to do much at all it was super nice! Those chicks are now two roo's and a hen. We'd like to get a few more chicks (4-5) but no one is broody at the moment. What is the chance that she'd raise another batch for me even if she's not broody right now?

    Anyone willing to share their with experience with this would be great! Last fall we just went out at night and snuck the little fluffy butts under her and she just purred and shuffled them underneath her and never looked back! We want to have that same successful situation again but don't want to endanger any new chicks. Should we wait to introduce the new chicks to her until after we've gotten rid of the roo's?? Thoughts??
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    It won't work. Broodiness and mothering are hormonally linked, and a non broody hen would not have her 'mothering' instincts.
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    I've never actually tried it as I was raised with the conventional wisdom the hen would likely kill the chicks. She won't mother them at the very least.

    The only time I'd even consider it was if I had a super broody docile bird like a silkie, some thing that already has high maternal instincts.

    My broody hens have tried to kill other hen's chicks, I would never chance putting chicks in there if she wasn't broody. Plus, where would you put them? Non broody hens roost, and you can't exactly put a day old chick on a roost. They can't snuggle under momma up there. Take a hen off the roost at night and she'll put herself back.
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