Chicks very loud right before bedtime


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Mar 7, 2011
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We have three 25 day old chicks. I find they are the loudest at night. The only way to shut them up is to turn off the lights, then they will get quiet within 5min.
Does anyone know why they are the loudest at night? Is this something similar to mammals, like babies get really fussy before bedtime? Should I turn off the lights earlier so they don't get so tired?

Day old chicks cheep loudly when they are cold...which light are you turning off and have you checked the temperature under the light in the brooder?

They should have the heat lamp on 24/7 until they are fully feathered around 6 weeks.

First week of life: temp under light 90-95
2nd week: 85-90
3rd week: 80-85
4th week: 75-80
5th week: 70-75
6th week- if stilll wintertime, wean them slowly and with caution

They should be able to get away from the heat in the brooder.

I hope this helps!

oops I just read they are 25 days old- got it!! Sorry!

Ok, then, they are 3 1/2 weeks old, they do need the light on at night still, but they do cheep a lot for sure- usually when cold or scared.
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I don't think they are cold because they don't huddle also they are happy all day long, only get very fuzzy around bedtime, just like little babies.
As soon as lights are off, within 5 min, they become really quiet. We were using the heat emitter before but just stopped a couple days ago. Our house is around 64F and they seemed fine.
I want them to adapt to this temperature so I can get them outside, at least during the day soon.
right but they are babies and are NOT fully feathered; therefore cannot keep warm too much on their own. They really need the lights..
They do seem to be louder just before bed time as sun sets , and everything begins to settle. I have noticed this with my own chicks as well. Maybe it is just a bed time ritual ? But they do need the lamp on for warmth a chill or draft could mean death
Ummmm, they are little babies. Really little babies. They need that heat lamp until they are fully feathered. You're not adapting them to anything, and they don't need "toughening up."
I think mine get confused because it gets pretty dark around 6:30-7pm, then we come home and turn all the lights on (They live in our kitchen) and stay on till at least 10:30pm.
This way they couldn't sleep and are really tired. Maybe that's why they are really loud. After we turn all the lights off, within minutes they are soundly asleep.

Well according to the book, 90F and -5F every week. They are about 4 weeks thus 70F and the house is 64F, draft free.
I was thinking that in nature, there's no such thing as a heat emitter. They are not making a bit of noise all night and they are happiest in the morning foraging for food.
In nature, the mother hen is usually the heat emitter for when they need it. You're raising them in a brooder, therefore it's not nature. A few degrees can make a big difference to you when it comes to feeling comfortable or chilly, and it's the same with them.

As far as the light goes, that probably does have something to do with it. When I go out to do my nightly head count and close up the coop and I flip on the light, sometimes it gets my flock stirred up. It's normal.

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