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    Mar 5, 2014
    I have the opportunity to get 14-18 month old Barred Rock hens; I had intended to buy chicks so we could bond, and be lovey and enjoy each others' company. If I get these older chickens, will this inhibit such a relationship? This is my first backyard chicken foray as an adult. As I child, we had a flock before my parents started an egg farm where 32,000 hens were inhumanely crammed into little cages - I will not eat commercially raised eggs because I know the poor life those chickens suffer. I would love the availability of home grown range run chicken eggs which would happen a full year earlier with these older hens. (My husband has reluctantly agreed to the escapade, oops, endeavor so having eggs quickly would help soften the blow.) And in a strange way, one of the reasons is I want happy chickens to make amends for my previous - but unwillingly committed - crimes. I have a run - coons, have ordered drink cups and an auto feeder and am building a coop. But I want my chickens to know me and feel close. Should I get chicks / pullets with the extended maturation time or can I hope to bond with mature girls?
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    Obtaining older birds is just fine. I got six Ameraucanas that were about six months old at the time. Extremely skittish and shy. They've been with me for about a year and a half now and are now just as sweet and friendly as the rest of my hens. It just takes time and commitment. I actually didn't do anything more than my usual rounds (feeding, collecting eggs etc.) twice a day and they just eventually figured out that I wasn't there to hurt them. [​IMG] Best of luck!
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    Jan 4, 2014
    Either way if you spend plenty of time with your birds you will develop a good bond. I've had 6 hybrid layers since they were little day olds and they became extremely tame. I've also had 3 birds since point-of-lay age, they came nervous and flighty, and with a bit of time spent hand-feeding them and handling them each day they too have become almost as friendly and tame. They are very sweet now. Good luck with yours!

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