Chicks w/ Mucousy poos + bloody poo, 1 Bit by rooster


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Jul 14, 2021
Hi - last friday I got 2 baby chicks, a buff orpington and a barred rock, the day the store got them, so I believe they are almost a week old now. They are in a little laundry tote with paper towels and a heat lamp.

When we brought them home the next day we spent some time in my yard while it was sunny. Unfortunately my rooster was loose and he bit the barred rock. My boyfriend had to pull her from his beak. There were no visible injuries and no blood, but she became less energetic after this. Shes been eating and drinking normally, no crying, but yesterday I noticed blood in her poo. The liquid around it was red. This morning she had more watery, red poops

The buff orpington was originally calmer than the barred rock but cried more. Yesterday shes been crying a lot, nonstop, even when I hold her, though she has some periods of content/ happy chirps when shes eating. Shes eating and drinking normally and I don't think it's the temperature as I've tried making the lamp closer/ further with no effect, the other chick is not crying either. The last day her poops have been light and slimy looking and she hasn't made a normal looking poop again yet.
Here are the pics I got after cleaning up. I switched to a water bottle with a nipple to keep things cleaner. I'm worried because of the buff's constant crying and the barred rock's bloody poops.
Could it be internal bleeding? Or since the buff is crying and has slimy poops too, is there a sickness that I would have to treat for?
I'm going to go to the pet store soon and get vitamins/probiotics for them.


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