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Mar 24, 2008
Central Pennsylvania
This is a rip off of my post from yesterday but now I am checking to see if I can get 3-6 week old chicks. If I get one or Portia's Astrolorpe gals, then I need older chicks to go with.
We are looking forward to starting a small and varied flock in our urban yard. I would like to find local enthusiasts with similar aged pullets for sale that are young enough that we can put them safely and happily together in 1 coop.
My wish list goes something like this...
Bantams-1 white frizzled Cochin, 1 buff or white Silkie, 1 Rumpless Araucana
Standards- 1 Black Astrolorp, 1 Ameraucana
Also consider a Dorking, a Faverolles, and especially a Barnvelder.
but really can be flexible. I did check hijnkc website and it doesn't appear she has in supply now but I will E-mail to be sure.
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