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    May 19, 2017
    my 8 week old chicks were put in my new coop and run yesterday. I put them all inside last night and they don't seem to want to get on the roost bars. I put some of them up there so they would get the idea. Ever since going into the run they have stayed under the coop steps. Why are they doing this and is it normal? Do they need something to get under in the run? Pics of the setup and the chicks under the step.

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    I have 12 4 month hens when I first put them in there coop they would sit like that to sleep has they get older they start to roost mine know go on a roost bar and sleep ever night just give them some time that's how they sleep in the border so there used to it good luck with your chicks :D:frow
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    Yes, it's normal, all of it.

    Chicks know they're prey to a lot of predators, both from the ground and the sky, so they naturally seek cover when outdoors. They will stay close by buildings or under overhangs until they get used to their new surroundings.

    As for roosting, that is also new to them and it takes time for them to get comfortable with it. You can keep putting them on the perch at night and they'll learn. If you place them very close together, they'll feel more secure and be more apt to remain on the perch.
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    Our first chickens took awhile to roost. Without older birds showing them, they take some time. Like others have said, just put them up there and eventually they will stay.
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  6. As well as security they may be seeking shade. I originally was planning to have an open top run (covered with chicken wire), until I put them out and they refused to go out into the direct sunlight. Now that I have it covered, they use the run all day except midday when direct sunlight is unavoidable.
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    May 19, 2017
    The run is covered so they are in the shade most of the day. Today they stayed in the coop a lot.

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