Chicks were fine, but then suddenly......

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    Jun 27, 2010
    Hello everyone! Here is my story-- We bought 3 chicks from a local feed store around June 4-5th (ish). All were fine, eating chick starter. Then about 1 week later one of them stopped standing up and started falling over like she was drunk. Then a few days later another one, and then the last one started doing it. 2 of them are now slowing walking around again but they do loose their balance easily and one shakes alot. But she is not cold. The one Im really worried about I still have to hold her up to the food and water. She is very thin (skinny). But she does eat. She is incredibly weak and her crop is HUGE. But here is the interesting part--When I called the feed store about this they said that alot of the chicks from that batch were doing this and that other customers have been calling about the same symptoms. They also recently said that they just found out that at the hatchery, right after the eggs began to hatch one of the workers sprayed "Glade" air freshner and they think that it has caused all the illnesses for that batch of chicks. Long story short--Does anyone know if this could actually be the cause, and Is it possible to save her? OH, also would her eggs be safe to eat if I am able to cure her? As you can tell I am very new at this. I really appreciate everyones time on this. The feed store said that they would take them back, but I hate to even think about what they will do to them!!
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    Its eather that or theres a disease and the hatchery is just trying to cover it up with glade "pun intended" chicks can also have gotten something at the feed store/ in transit to the feed store from the hatchery. Mine came sick and i lost quiet a few to a different issue but they are doing ok now. Long story short as the hatchery told me. Its pretty much impossible to track where it came from but it may be possible to figure out what it is.
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    Glade didn't do it. It's either a virus or a bacteria. I had a batch do this that I got from McMurray in 2008... 11 of the 25 had those exact symptoms and were dead within two days of receipt. We saved the others with antibiotic and water mixed with milk and sugar. I know that doesn't make sense but it worked.

    Are they on medicated chick starter?
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    Glade being sprayed around any birds will have an effect on their respiratory systems. Birds are very sensitive to carcinogens in the air. SO sensitive, that if that were the cause, the chicks would have become ill much sooner, most likely the same day. That's why they used Canaries in mine shafts, and why an overheated nonstick pan will kill a house bird with fumes.
    I would be looking at disease as the cause in your babies.
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    Jun 27, 2010
    Thank you all for helping me with the "Glade" mystery! The really sick one (Henrietta)pasted away last night. It was a bitter-sweet moment for me. I just have to remind myself of the "rainbow bridge" poem. I nursed her every 1-2 hours for 3 weeks (yes, night-shift included). Now I have two left that are a bit off balance and one (Rhode Island Red) shivers alot-but she's not cold. The other (a black sex-link) gets up and runs around, but sits alot. Also, I did get more chicks 2 weeks ago from another place and they are all perfect! Any recommendations for poultry physical therapy and /or special diet I can help with?? OH-BTW, they are not on any medicated chick starter, but I do have some antibiotics I can put in their water if you think it would help. They were on it for about a week, but had no effect on them getting any better, But that was before the shaking started. Thanks again so much for all of your time. I already feel like I have a chicken lovin family out there! XOXO to all.

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