Chicks who seem to have weak legs

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    Jan 26, 2013
    I have three chicks ( well I call them chicks they are featherd out) who are not standing on their own...I am kind of worried about them. They where doing okay when one day I came in to check on their food and water when I noticed that they where all laying down and the other and bigger chicks were walking on them. I thought they may be hurt due to over crowding the brood boxes so i seperated them and the bigger ones. Now is all they want to do is lay down they get up to drink and eat kinda of. Is there anything that I can do for them? I am just worried because I don't want them to go down hill to fast and get sicker and weaker. Any and all advice ya all can give me would he helpful.

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    Mar 22, 2010
    They may be sick or they may need some vitamins. Seems the feed is not always enough for them. You can put some electrolye solution in their water. Ig you can get some B12 or B complex in liquid form or a powder and add a small amout to the water. Sometimes they get B12 deficient(? sp) and have trouble walking. I have had a hen suddenly unable to walk and after two weeks on Vit B12 and vit. E she is still around three years later. I give my hens some Bvitamins at least once a month, more often in stressful times like hot summer and freezing winter, we get both. If you live in a real cold climate the hens don't eat well when it is freezing in my experience, so you have to motivate them to eat and they need greens in the winter too

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