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wahoo farms

10 Years
Mar 8, 2009
I just bought my first 10 chicks from Atwoods and they have wing bands. I thought they were there for a reason and you left them on till today while I was at Atwoods and I over heard someone say something about taking them off. I asked them and they said I should remove them. We have had the chicks about a week. I got home and tried to remove one of the bands and it would not budge. I am afraid of hurting the chicks.
*****IS There any harm in leaving the bands on the wing????? Please advise. As I would hate to have to load them all up and take them to the vet. Help!!!!
New Chick Mom
I got pullets from Atwoods and I take out the bands as soon as the peeps have settled in and figured out eating and drinking in their brooder at home. It might hurt a little, but I think taking the metal band out of their wing early is better than leaving it in as they grow. Here's how I do it:

1. Gently extend the chick's wing and twist the clip at the bottom of the aluminum band to allow it to slip back through the upper part.

2. Push the bottom through the top so that the band is now open.

3. Straighten the band - if you have an assistant, cut one end of the band close to the wing.

4. With your fingernails, gently hold the skin of the wing next to the band, and push or pull the shortest end of the band through the wing.

The chick may protest a bit, but I like getting that metal out of them. Good luck!
Thank you, I finally got all the bands off the chicks without blood shed!!! Thank God!!!! One was scabed up but I worked it with my nail and got it off.
Good job wahoo - I know it's hard to do, but don't you feel better now that they are off? My chicks' wings never bled, but at times I wondered if their little wing skin would tear - it never did. If you get chicks from the feed store again next year, you'll already be an old pro at removing those bands!

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