Chick's wing hanging low

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    This is my first time raising baby chicks and I'm a little concerned for one so I'm wondering if anyone has seen this before or might know what's wrong. One of my Easter Eggers that is about two weeks old seems to have one wing hanging lower than the other. This is a picture of the wing that is hanging lower. The dark bottom feathers that are visible here are not visible on her other wing. She also seems to be the last of my four chicks to be getting the feathers behind her neck. Other than this visible abnormality with her wing she seems to be fine. She opens her wings and flaps around like the other chicks and she is eating, drinking, and pooping normally as well.


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    I would say the chick is probably OK. I had one myself that seemed to have a few feathers on one wing seem to grow quickly, so I'm not sure if it was just an illusion, bu she is fine now and lots more feathers have come in and she now looks normal.

    If you see her flap her wing, and you can hold her and span her little wing out and it seems unbroken, then I wouldn't worry. Chicks seem so tiny and fragile, don't they? They're pretty hardy though.

    Enjoy those little peeps!

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