chicks with respritory infection

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    Dec 28, 2013
    I just got 53 chicks to show at our county show this February. 2 of them have sadly passed away but now a few of the remaining chicks have come down with a respritory infection (sneezing/coughing with raspy breathing) and are starting to spread it to the rest of the flock. I have gotten oxytet and vetrx and have started to treatment. Is this the proper way to hopefully get rid of their infections?
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    You really can't show chickens when they have been exposed to respiratory disease. They all become carriers even if they don't get sick. That is how many people's chickens get sick in the first place. Oxytetracycline will treat such infections as mycoplasma, but it won't treat viruses, just secondary bacterial infections of viruses. Here is a list of common diseases:

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