Chicks won't leave the coop!


8 Years
Jul 8, 2011
NW Arkansas
My 5 week old chicks have to be kicked out of the coop every day. After they're out they are fine, chicken games galore, graze, etc. etc. and come evening they go back in. I haven't any older chickens to show the way, but they will sit in the pop door way and look out, but forget about taking that first step!
We moved them into the coop last Friday and this giving them the boot is getting old.
Bribery is not working either
Are they being picked on by the other chickens? I have a group right now that don't want to leave the roost, but they are gradually venturing further each day.
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I guess I need to be more patient, but that's not my strong suit:( they are the only chickens I have, so I think that by not having an older "person" to show them it's safe to go out, it will take more time...and patience. I kept reading about other people having trouble with their birds not going back in the coop, but mine just are chicken I guess

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