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11 Years
Mar 23, 2008
Has anybody had trouble hatching chicks in the incubator?
I have and i have been trying to fix this problem for the last two years! Does anyboby have advice. My hens just dont want to sit and i dont know why?

Some breeds of birds do not set well as the genes have been bred out of them. To figure out why your hatches do not go well, we need more information.

I am moving this to incubating and hatching eggs for better responses.
Hello and Welcome! I don't think you can make a hen broody, they just either are or aren't. As far as incubators, you might use the index button at the top of the page and click under "incubating and hatching eggs". There are lots of people on here who hatch their own eggs. There should be plenty of information under that topic.

*You also might want to post this question under "incubating and hatching eggs" and not under raising baby chicks. Maybe you can ask a moderator to move it for you so you don't have a duplicate thread.

Hope this helps!

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