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6 Years
Sep 7, 2013
When shall i let my chicks out. ive placed the box into the coop, i let them out, but straightaway all the older chicks bullied them. i cant believe how my 5 wk old chicks are also. what shall i do? ive left them inside their box inside the coop.
How old are the older birds? Full grown? You will need to give them some time to get used to each other or the pecking can be bad enough to kill the younger, smaller birds. Fencing off part of the run so they can spend their days side by side but separated is the best way. It's best to do this until the younger birds are closer in size to the older ones.
theyre japanese ko shamos so they really grow quickly. theyre about 9 weeks. one young roo which is 12 week.

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