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    May 24, 2013
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    So if I go down and buy some chicks bring them home and put them in a tote. How often do I need them out to run around?

    Now my coworker needs to have me foster her adult chickens for a couple of months. While she has a new Mobile home put on her property. So once they are gone. I CAN put my chickens in the coop. So I was thinking of talking to the feed store and find what is the latest he will have them for sale. I want to time it so I don't have big chickens in totes. LoL
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    depending on the size of the tote and number of chicks you can brood them in a tote they go out to the coop at 4-5 weeks when they are feathered out. I use a metal cage [​IMG]
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    Jun 25, 2012
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    We have that same cage (they are in a plastic kennel - fewer drafts and more cat proof) for now- just curious how many do you have total in there I see 3...
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    I have 3 silkies right now but I have 7 more in the incubator with 4 more to hatch they will be going in there also
    I used zip ties with cardboard around the sides for drafts and cat proofing
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