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    Sep 27, 2017
    I figured, I may as well just start a thread for myself, rather then clog up the forum w all the pictures I will want to post ;) and all he farm updates I'd want to add.

    Today we grew by a dozen chicks. 6 EE and 6 Welsummer chicks. We got them from Ideal Poultry and so far, extremely pleased w the quality of the babies as well as the wonderful customer service we have received.

    I requested one of the Welsummers be a cockerel as I'd like to keep him as a breeder, so it will be fun to watch everyone grow and integrate :)

    Here are a few pics of the most recent little ones and then I will also add pictures of everyone else too!
    Little fluffy "Rootbeer" (We have a food name things going on here lol) Love the puffy cheeks ;) Of course she is one of the EE's.

    Ideal Poultry.jpg
    Group shot of the Ideal Poultry order. I can't stand the cuteness!

    A few of our group of 18 that are approx 3.5 weeks old and consist of Plymouth Rocks, RIR, ISA Brown, Jersey Giants and whatever the heck the brown ones are, as they are not what we asked for lol

    This is "Rootbeer" and I am thinking Cockerel for him as he was part of the straight run of Orpingtons I got, lol yea, Orpingtons my butt! Anyways, he is a beauty and I absolutely love him.

    Here is "Pretzel" and "Moonpie" today while they were free ranging :)

    In other news today, my son came to me earlier after he looked out the kitchen window and said "Sheep got out" and I was like "What?!" And there they were in the side yard lol. So that was our bit of adventure for the day ;) Clearly they got into some thistle on the way! Sheesh!!

    May as well introduce some of the other farm animals we have ;)

    Below is "Gingerbread" our AQHA Mare :)

    Below we have "Mousse" my sweet little Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

    Next is the group shot of the puppies we have, Mousse on the right, Belle on the left (which isn't a food name lol, but we lost our GSD of a decade named Bella in August, so my boys wanted to honor her and it warmed my heart) and "Brie" in the back.
    View attachment 1159000

    My son Liam is below w his kitten Shinx ( A Pokemon ode)
    Liam SHinx.jpg

    My son Micah with his kitten "Milo" (He loves the movie Milo and Otis)
    Micah Milo.jpg

    We have another kitten named "Cinnamon" but I don't have any pics other then on my phone of him. So there is just a quick intro to my farm/home :)

    I have really enjoyed being a part of this community! So glad to have found it :)

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    Jun 10, 2017
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    Glad you joined BYC , you have some very nice looking babies:welcome:welcome:thumbsup
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    Thank you for sharing photos of your family and pets.

    I think it's a great idea to start your own thread and look forward to reading and seeing more!

    Welcome to BYC
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    Dec 12, 2013
    Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing them!

    Hope you're enjoying the Wellies. I got my first of that breed this spring and love them.
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    Sep 27, 2017
    They are cute little things! I am excited to watch them grow!!
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    Sep 27, 2017

    Our middle group of chicks (18 count)explored the outside for the first time yesterday, which they of course loved!
    Our older pair. Pretzel and Moonpie were who I panned to for a moment, hidden under the plants bug hunting :)

    Today we cut a nice sized, 2x2 window out of the chicken coop, to start preparing for better ventilation for the winter season. The chicks wanted nothing to do with the window, UNTIL it was "fenced" in, then they had to try to find a way out of the coop and get back outside. Thankfully, they were unsuccessful and the coop safe and secure :) We stapled all the chicken wire into place and then screwed in boards on both the inside and outside t sandwich the wire into place even more secure as well as added in a center board to staple to. This isn't a finished pic, but my Mom messaged me asking what I was up to, so I sent her a pic lol
    I still would like to do the same to 2-3 more spaces this weekend.

    Tomorrow I'd like to swap out my sheep and horse pastures as well, but other then that, w the rain coming in, not sure I will do much else!
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    Sep 27, 2017
    Our mealworms and crickets arrived today, happy and healthy, so let the farming begin!! I let the 18 group outside to free range (supervised by me) twice today for a few hours and they just love it of course. I started marking off an area on the little plateau of a hill off the coop, to get fenced in for a nice run where I can worry less while they are so little.
    One of my Easter Egger Chicks (approx 1 week old) had passed away some time in the night, so that was disappointing to see this morning. I am going to assume something was just wrong w him in general as the others are happy and healthy.
    22539958_10212155833390065_2639156890941617899_n.jpg 22540026_10212155836830151_5109161076151815805_n.jpg
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    Sep 27, 2017
    Figured it was time for an update on all the family farm happenings ;)
    A bucket of chickens! Today was look over day, so we brought all the younger ones inside to give them a look over. The "Chicks for Warmth" I mentioned above turned out to be RIR, one of which I will be keeping as a breeder. He is on the top left, named Tormund. I will attach a few more pics of him from today:
    Tormund1.jpg Tormund2.jpg
    This lovely set containers mostly easter eggers but has a few Welsummers thrown in there too :)

    All the babies went right under the Christmas tree once brought inside. What a great gift though huh. Lets see, in this pic we have a Welsummer in the front, EE behind her, a RIR Cockerel in front of the EE, then another EE behind him, then behind her a White Leghorn then another Welsummer lol

    Same group :)

    Next up is Gilly, my Silver Gray Dorking pullet
    Gilly2.jpg Gilly3.jpg

    Below is one of our beautiful Jersey Giants. Love that green shimmer.
    Jersey Giant1.jpg

    Here is Kahl Drogo, the Red Ranger Cockerel we are going to keep to see what type of chicks he will thrown, if they will be decent meat birds.
    Kahl Drogo2.jpg

    Below is my favorite girl, a black sex link. Such a ham.
    Niblet.jpg Niblet and Rose.jpg Niblet2.jpg

    And last, I snagged a few pictures of the white EE as well. She was really enjoying the attention and pets.
    White EE.jpg White EE1.jpg
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