Chikens living In A Garage

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  1. Johnaloha

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    Feb 25, 2016
    I have 4 Chickens on the way in their incubator. I live in a HOA townhouse community where no one can have anything in the yard. So no coop. I want to keep 2 or 3 in my garage and raise them as soon as they leave the brooder. I would let them run around outside during the day. I'm thinking about combining a play pen "with roosting bars/heat/pine shavings/and smart things" and a big dog cage "for when I need to clean the pen/for eating/and also have a heat lamp in there if it gets cold" Do you or anybody else have any ideas? I cant cut a hole in the wall for a run. Its against the rules.

    Thanks!!! I'll be watching the stream. Look for me "johnaloha" in the comments

  2. BoomChickaPop

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    Jan 24, 2016
    Relaxing with my Buns
    You can keep the chicks in the garage with everything they need heat lamp shavings etc. But this will be a problem when they get older.
    The chicks will live happy until they are 2 months old.
    You will have some unhappy chickens. Chickens love grass and yearn for it. What would your setup be for when they grow up?


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