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Any other childfree people on BYC?
Me. I flunked mommy school. When I was young I used to babysit three little boys for days at a time. They taught memany things, but the main thing they taught me was that they were much smarter, much faster, and far more energetic than I would ever be, and that I did not have what it takes to do the chores of motherhood full time and still keep my sanity. I have the greatest admiration for mothers. I also admire brain surgeons, astronauts and bull riders. I just don't have what it takes to be one.
I'm not, but I have a lot of friends and some family who are. I totally support it

(Besides, some of you childfree folk make AWESOME babysitters, probably because you can give the kids back
My older brother is CF, but my daughter LOVES him because he plays just as hard as she does.)
That's cool that there are other people like me on here. I made a post a while back about not wanting any kids at my upcoming wedding, and I was met with a lot of hostility. Why am I required to like children? They have always made me uncomfortable. Even when I myself was a little kid, babies absolutely disgusted me. They drooled and pooped themselves and made loud noises and I was expected to hang out with them. I was an extremely OCD child and I still am to some degree.

I suppose I just don't see the appeal in parenting. I am just not cut out for it either!
Nobody is required to like children. I am a mom and I don't even like my own stinkin kids some days
It's okay to feel that way. I love them, but I don't have to like them ALL the time! If you ever change your mind about wanting kids I could send you a video of my teen and you'll get over it pretty quick. Just an offer

ETA: I think babies should come with warning labels stamped to their little butts. WARNING: Will be a pain for 18+ years depending on how you raise them. If your lucky they will eventually move and make it on their own. Good luck, we accept NO RETURNS!
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I think some of you other childfree people might enjoy the voluntary human extinction movement. I'm an unofficial member.
Google it- quite fascinating. I've got a fantastic bumper sticker that says "six billion miracles is ENOUGH!"

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