Children will be destroyed for life!


Sep 25, 2015
Void where prohibited.
My very bestest friend is Mike, who lives in Alabama, works at Kmart in the garden area, and I love dearly, just got a promotion.
He is both a wonderful, large hearted 58 year old man, and is also the biggest curmudgeon there is.
He hates Kmart. He hates most of the whiny demanding people who shop there, but also hates those who work there. But hey it's a job in these trying times.

Of all the people in the whole world, and the lord only know why, he was picked out of the entire staff to be Santa this coming Sunday.

All I can think of is the Santa from A Christmas story.

Oh, the poor kids!
Sounds like it's going to be a real test for your friend. I hope he passes and makes it through the holidays ok! I bet he ends up with some interesting stories to tell
Oh please do, I want to see the Angry Santa!

Poor guy, it's almost like a punishment for someone that just isn't that into the job anyway.
He sounds like my kind of person! Lol! That's pretty funny though! Hopefully he will see more cute kids than whiney, crying, smelly ones! Although I have to say that Santa pictures of kids crying are hysterical! My cousin sent out a picture like that on her Christmas card of her two kids. Priceless!
Haha. I until recently worked at Kmart too.

My sister in law's bf also works there (he's a young pup lol there's quite the age difference between my hubs and his half sisters) and he got to be Santa today. I'm sad I missed it lol.

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