Children's playpen as chick brooder

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  1. It's amazing how God provides!

    My 4 production red chicks had been living in a 2' square box, and things were starting to get a little crowded. I was on my way to the store to pick up an enormous Rubbermaid tote when I passed a "Garage Sale" sign. Normally, I avoid garage sales like the plague, but something caused me to look to my left.

    A portable baby playpen caught my eye! I laid rubber on the road, I stopped so fast! (The price became firm at that moment, the lady told me...LOL!) However, the price was a very reasonable $20, and I was back home less than 10 minutes after I left. I can fit everybody; Bo (est 6-8wks) AND the Production Reds (est 4-6 wks); in this playpen. I put pine shavings on the bottom, and have replaced the shavings weekly, and covered the top with bird netting. I hung a red heat lamp from the wall, and covered the front with a blanket so my dogs wouldn't sit there and drool all day. They've been living in it about 2 weeks and it has been WONDERFUL!! The best thing is, it's washable, and I can just fold it up and store it until next year as soon as my new tractor is done!

    Just wanted to share my serendipitous discovery!

    This is what mine looks like:
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    Excellent find and superb idea!!! [​IMG]

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