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    I write Children's short stories as a pass time and someday I want to do it full time. Will you please take a look at my first ever story called The Blue Bird Scout and tell me what you think about it.

    I want to fix it up some more and change it somehow so that way I can publish it and make a child smile.

    The Blue Bird Scout
    By Becky

    Once there lived a family of blue birds. The mama bird was a song writer. She would sit at the edge of the nest each morning and sing to the sun. Each night, mama would sing baby blue bird to sleep. Baby blue bird was very curious about the outside world. He wanted to know everything about the forest, and his mammal neighbors. When baby blue bird asked his papa why they lived in a tree instead of on the ground where their food was, papa decided to enroll baby blue bird in bird scouts. His first class would be the next day and continue until he was a graduate.
    The next week after that papa blue bird took baby blue bird to the top of Red Squirrel Cliff. To a human the cliff looked like a dead spruce tree. Papa blue bird was going to teach baby blue bird how to fly. Baby blue bird was getting to heavy to be carried in the leather pocket that his father used for transport.
    After several great flights, papa blue bird was getting very tired. Papa’s large, strong brown eyes were beginning to close. Baby blue bird did not want his papa to fall asleep on the way home, so he sent him home early telling him it was safe. Papa blue bird was very proud of his son, so he trusted him to fly home alone. Papa flew back to the bird house, and instantly fell asleep on his side of the nest.
    Back at Red Squirrel Cliff, baby blue bird kept flying from branch to branch. When baby blue bird was about to land on a branch he lost his balance, and fell. He landed straight on his wing once he hit the ground. He lay there in silence trying to get his breathe back, that had been knocked out of him.
    Now baby blue bird was a small bird, but all his weight had landed on his right wing. Baby blue bird knew from the pain and from what he learned at his daily lessons at bird scouts that his wing was broken. At bird scouts baby blue bird had learned how to make a sling for his wing. He walked along the forest floor until he found a nice strong fern plant to use in his aid. He made the sling and then decided that it was to dark to find his way home so he gathered twigs for a fire to keep warm. He then started a fire by rubbing two rocks against one of the twigs. Baby blue bird then made a blanket out of leaves to cover him.
    The next morning baby blue bird was awaken by the sound of a strange barking. He had never heard of such a noise, but he knew that it was a dog, because of a story that Mr. Robin had told his scout troop. Mr. Robin was very wise and he lived in an oak tree next to the human’s house. Everyone went to Mr. Robin when they had a problem.
    Baby blue bird was becoming very worried. He knew the noise and the animal that made it, but he had no idea what a dog looked like. Mr. Robin had only showed his scout troop what damage a dog could do to a tiny bird. Mr. Robin had a scar on his chest from a dog that had tried to kill him once, while he was getting his dinner out of the human’s garden. Baby bird knew that he had to find some sort of shelter for safety. He set off hoping down a path of cut grass singing as he went.
    A little while later baby blue bird noticed that he no longer heard the barking noise it was mainly peaceful. The only sound he could hear was the wind blowing at his back, ruffling his tail feathers. Baby blue bird was headed in the direction of north. He had found the North Star Polaris, which was the last shinning star in the little dipper, the previous night. Baby blue bird could also tell by the position of the sun that it was close to being noon and he was getting hungry.
    While looking for food baby blue bird found a pond full of twigs. Baby blue bird had never seen anything like it. He was curious to find out what it was, but he was scared to know who it belonged to. He went up to the edge of the pond and sat down. He had found some night crawlers and his mouth watered at the sight of them. He sucked down two of the worms and just when he was about to eat the last one he was startled by a hand on his shoulder. Baby blue bird looked up in fear at what it was that held him. It was just a young beaver. He was just coming home from shop class when he found baby blue bird sitting by his front door step.
    The young beaver invited baby blue bird into his cozy home, away from the heat of the sun. Baby blue bird who was still a little scared accepted the invitation and walked into the giant pile of twigs behind the young beaver. Baby blue bird was amazed at what he seen when he walked into the cozy home. There was a wooden couch with two silk pillows and in the room conjoined to that one was a kitchen fit for the finest. It had a massive island with chairs all around it and then baby blue bird seen two towering ovens that smelled like they had something sweet inside them. Baby bird also seen young beaver’s mother standing by their two sided fridge next to the ovens. She was holding a tray of cups full of pudding. When she seen baby blue bird she smiled, she set down the tray of pudding and then came over to her son and asked him who his little friend was. When young beaver told her that he found him sitting by the front door and that he looked lonely and lost Mrs. Beaver hugged Baby blue bird. She quickly moved back when she felt the sling press against her body. Mrs. Beaver picked Baby blue bird up and set him on a chair at the island. She carefully took off the sling and then stroked his wing and examined the wound. Mrs. Beaver said that she had a special remedy for that kind of wound and she left the two boys in the kitchen as she went to her special cupboard full of smelly things.
    Mrs. Beaver returned with her own personal first aid kit. She sat down on a chair next to baby blue bird and took his wing in her paw again. She rubbed his wing with a lavender remedy and told baby blue bird that it would relax his muscles and make them feel better. Mrs. Beaver then took a pack of ice and set his wing on it. She told him that this would allow the swelling to go down and take the puffiness out of his wing. She then very lightly put his wing into a normal sling that she kept for emergencies and carried him to the wooden couch where her son was sitting reading a book about human machinery.
    Mrs. Beaver set baby bluebird down and then asked him where he lived and what he was doing when he broke his wing. Baby blue bird replied that he had just learned how to fly from his father and that he had lost his balance when he went to land on a tree branch. Mrs. Beaver was startled by this and asked why is father did not help him or catch him before he fell. Baby bluebird told her that he had sent his father back home because he was falling asleep and that he thought that he had the flight lessons under control when he now knew that he had much to learn from his professional pilot of a father. His dad had been a pilot his entire life and all baby blue bird wanted to do was to go home and ask his father to teach him everything he knew about being a pilot. He wanted him to tell him how to be just like him including being the best father in the world.
    Mrs. Beaver told baby blue bird that she was going to help him find his family. She was going to send a message out through the local community and ask if any one of her mammal friends knew of the blue bird family that had a missing son. Pretty soon there was a knock on the door and when Mrs. Beaver opened it, her friend Mr. Otter came in and stood inside the house. Mr. Otter informed her that there was an old Robin going from house to house asking about a baby blue bird. He told her that the Robin lived by the human’s house and wondered if Baby blue bird was the one he was talking about. Baby blue bird jumped up from his seat at the mention of Mr. Robin and told Mr. Otter that he was in fact the one that Mr. Robin had been looking for and asked him if he knew how to get in touch with him.
    Mr. Otter said that Mr. Robin had left a whistle call with him and that if he seen baby blue bird to give it to him and he would know what to do with it. Mr. Otter handed the whistle to baby blue bird and he stared at the whistle it was his father’s prize whistle that he used for an alarm to signal other pilots when he was landing his plane. Baby blue bird had remembered his father telling him once when he was a little bird with his eyes still closed that if he was in any danger of any kind to blow the whistle two long blows and one short. When he did this his father would come to the rescue or some other gentle pilot friend of his would come to help him. The signal was their way of an S.O.S and every pilot wad trained to recognize the whistle.
    Baby blue bird came out of that memory, and looked at Mr. Otter. He told him to step outside and help him look to the sky. Mrs. Beaver and Mr. Otter both came outside and watched the sky as baby blue bird blew the whistle. He blew the signal as loud as his little birdie lungs would allow him and then waited. He repeated the signal once more after that.
    A long time passed and baby bird was getting worried that no one could hear his whistle. He blew it once more and as he did so he looked up to the sky. What he seen he could not believe that it was the real thing. Baby bird saw his father coming toward him descending in the air like lightning. His eyes filled with tears as his father landed on the ground. Baby blue bird ran to him and buried his feathers inside his father’s warm shoulder. Papa blue bird was very glad that he had found his son, his precious treasure. When papa pulled back from his son’s embrace he noticed his wing and knew immediately that it was from the flight lessons. He thanked Mrs. Beaver and Mr. Otter for protecting his son and then papa blue bird had baby blue bird climb on his back and they set for him yelling their goodbyes as they set off.
    At the bird house papa set baby blue bird gently inside the nest. Mama blue bird looked at his wing and said that because of the help from Mrs. Beaver that his wing would heal quickly within a few weeks. Mama and papa bird then settled down inside the nest and cuddled with their little son. Papa blue bird told baby blue bird a story that he had made up and promised himself that once he had found his son that he would tell it to him. The story was about a little bird and his father flying toward the sun together. Baby bird hoped that one day the story would come true for him. Baby bird fell asleep that night dreaming of another adventure to take once he was a pilot like his papa.

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