China to process USA chickens - eeek!

I never, ever, knowingly buy any food products processed in China. It is my understanding that in this case the chickens are raised here and sent to China to be cooked and made into whatever. Makes a lot of sense. As for me, I am either raising my own or buying chickens that I know were raised and processed in the USA. I have never bought processed chicken, but I will make sure I do not do so. And no fast food chicken for me ever again.
yes it appears the chicken will be heat-treated/cooked but no labeling will be required to indicate where it was processed.

Processed poultry is currently imported to the U.S. from five other countries, including Canada, Chile, France, Israel, and Mexico. Imports from Great Britain are currently suspended.
here are the four processing plants in China. Probably wouldn't be too hard to discover what brands they will be sold under in the US. I'm on it!
Qingdao 9-Alliance Group, Ltd.; Zhucheng Waimao Co., Ltd., Weifang Legang Food Co., Ltd, and Zhong AO Holdings Co., Ltd.
ajhaig; While I raise my own birds, chickens are pretty new for me and I'm still buying chicken meat, and I do love the occasional chicken sandwich... I'd love to know what brands they will be sold under so I can know which ones to avoid like the dickens.
no offence but these people do not care about poisoning their own with milk, what makes USDA believe they will be more careful with our food supply. and yes time to expand my chicken coop!!!!!
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