Chinese and Embden cross?


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I have read that you can cross a chinese goose with an embden gander. Is that really okay? The cross is supposed to be good for meet. Does anyone have any experience with this?
I doubt the cross would be good for meat since the Embden is much bigger than the Chinese. Maybe what you read is you would get a bird that is acceptable for both meat and eggs since Chinese are the 'egg-layer' geese. My embden goose laid a whopping 15 eggs before going broody, but the ganders easily weigh 20 pounds at barely 2 years old.

ETA: I bought a gosling at auction a month or so ago, thinking it was an Embden. It's not, it's a white chinese. The gosling is easily 3 weeks older than my oldest embden goslings yet they tower over her. Chinese only get about 10-12 pounds, good quality embdens can reach 30#.
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Chinese breed:

They come in two colors, the White Chinese and the Brown Chinese. They are smaller than the Toulouse or Emden; with the gander and goose weighing 6 kg and 5.5 kg respectively. They have a unique protuberance on the head that distinguishes them from the other breeds. They are better layers, and lay about 50 eggs in a season. This makes them ideal for crossing.

The result of crossing between Chinese and Emden are goslings of white fleshing qualities that are produced more economically than other pure breeds.

This was what I read.
I know this is an old thread, but I only recently got interested in geese and wondered about this very thing. I Don't even have A Flock yet, but I have been reading a lot. One thing I have read is that providing water deep enough to swim in during the breeding season increases the fertility rate of any breed. This might be especially helpful when there is a significant size difference between the gander and the goose. There is also the question of pair bonding. Would they even get along? If they do, but The Offspring aren't what you hoped they might be, it's a big investment of time and resources.
Has anyone actually tried this since the original Post in 2011? How did it turn out?

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