Chinese goose laying so young ?


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Sep 7, 2009
Southeast texas
This morning i found my chinese goose making a nest in the guineas roost area.


She was hatched jan 27th of this year, making her 4.5 months old, isn't this kinda young for her to be laying i mean my chickens,ducks and guineas don't even lay this young?

Anyhow i went out to check on her and saw that she had left her nest and was headed for the chickens water, she proceded to get in the water and droped an egg in the water, she looked so releaved.



So my question is how many of you goose peeps had them lay so young.
That looks kind of small for a goose egg, but makes sense if its one of her firsts. Are you sure she is that young? Did you raise her from a baby?
Yes i am sure,

i got her from idea hatcher on jan 29th this year along with 9 others.

I agree the egg is small, and this is her first egg, she had a hard time getting it out poor thing.
My geese are only 3 months old and are showing breeding behavior too! My ganders are trying to mate with the geese and some of the geese are making nests and always setting on the ducks nests but none of mine have laid any eggs of their own yet... It's got me stumped! I hope somebody knows whats going on!

ETA: They will be 4 months at the end of June so i guess they are a little older than 3 months...
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I saw my 3 month old White Chinese gander try to breed my 3 month old black runner last week!
The funny thing is that he sat on her head and grabbed onto her tail feathers, that was a very.......interesting sight!
Yes she has laid 5 more, in the green house, they are bigger now to.

Guess i need to use them in some cooking cause my ganders are not intrested in the girls yet
I didn't realize their knobs are that big at just 4 months old! she's pretty!

Mine will be 2 months on the 24th so still a ways off from laying. I did read that Chinese have been known to set 2 nests a year, i guess you could call it having 2 seasons also, so maybe that's why she has started so early? i believe where i read it it did say summer and then again in fall.

I can't wait for my pair to make some babies but hopefully Izzy is older than 4.5months and Owen is "taking care of her", lol. I would keep an eye on her backside to make sure she doesnt prolapse or anything. i had a duck do that but it was fairly easy to fix(push back in) but it did take some patience, vaseline and I had to be Very gentle, she was really relieved afterward though & it hasnt happened again.
Yea that knob is big, i thought she was a he, but then all of them got pretty big knobs , the other 2 females are smaller , she is big like the males.

Thanks for the info on the prolapse, hopefully she won't have to go threw that.

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