Chinese ringneck pheasant eggs for sale in WI.

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    Jan 12, 2008
    My hens are finally starting to lay after a very long spring. My birds are fed a totally organic feed and guaranteed to be 80% fertile with an 8-1 ratio of hen to rooster. Fertility will rise in a few weeks when all of my hens are laying. I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to the fact that once you get the eggs, they are up to you and your ability to incubate these eggs.
    I am selling them for $6/dozen plus shipping costs. My shipping methods are far above most with very few eggs cracked or broken. I will also include a few free ones just in case the postal service is extra rough with handling.
    Orders will be sent as recieved. Please let me know if you will be ordering a large amount so I can send them to you within the 10 day limit for hatching. I normally send them Mon-Wed depending on destination so that your eggs don't sit in a warehouse over the weekend. Local pick-up is encouraged if you want them after Wed.
    Pay-pal or money orders are accepted. Personal checks need to be cleared before you recieve your eggs.
    FYI The ring necked pheasants are no longer regulated by the state nor need to have a special game farm liscense to raise these birds in WI. Reason being is that these birds are NOT a native species to WI. You can raise these birds as long as they are penned. Any free range pheasant becomes property of the state and you will be required to posess a small game liscense with the special pheasant stamp ($10) to harvest your own birds.
    Please check your own state regulations as well to find out your rules and regulations before ordering my eggs.
    There are also alot of Do's and Don'ts when raising the chicks. I'll send you a list of them along with the eggs. If I remember them all.
    There may be some instances beyond my control in the rules. That's called trial and error. My rules will help you keep your loss to a minimum.

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