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    Apr 27, 2016
    New to ducks as of a month and a half ago. My ducks are quite large now. Last night my male pekin duck must have nicked his beak on something in their coop. I woke this morning to find lots of dried blood on his beak. I waited until he washed himself to take a close look. Just to the left of the tip of his beak it looks like a crack or scratch. It looks like its already starting to heal but i'm just wondering if I should do anything more for him. I feel terrible for my little dude, hes so sweet and so gentle he must just be a little clumsy with those big flappers as feet.
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    Keep an eye on it - you might just want to dab a little antibiotic ointment on it three times a day (the kind without painkiller).

    Also, please post over on the duck forum so more duck folks can see the thread.

    Also, spraying it with Vetericyn might help prevent infection, but you don't want any to get in his mouth. That's why I think the ointment might be a little better.

    Of course, you might also think about whether he should be poking around in the soil with his bill for a few days....

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