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Mar 1, 2011
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I have a question about angel wing. My baby Chips looks like he has the start of this condition. I have had him on a low protein feed since he was about 2-3 weeks old. His brooder mate, Dips, is perfectly fine just smaller than your average duck (has been since we got him/her). I first noticed the wing on Saturday and did extensive research and found that taping the wing down is the only way to treat it, but that is the problem. No mater what I do he wont keep the bandage on
I have tried every day and the wrap is off in less than an hour. I don't want to try anything that will pull out his feathers but will he be ok if we don't get him fixed? I was told he is a Khaki Campbell and I don't believe he is a flying breed. Any other suggestions that I could do to make his wing straight, or should I just leave him be?

Chips is the one in front

Cute ducks! Look just like my khaki, think they are about the same age. I asked this a few days ago since my ancona duckling has angel wing, and was told it's just pretty much cosmetic. I'm leaving my ducks' alone, no one has messed with it yet. Khaki's can't fly anyway, so as long as no one else picks at the feathers it's fine.
I had one of my mallard ducklings with it this year. Is the wing sticking out a bit? I wrapped it with that non stick medical wrap (I got the kind you get at the pet store for dogs and horses and cats) and wrapped him up. I am sure you can find how to do this online, I know I relied on help from others with it as I never experienced it before. I had the bandage come off too a few times, had to wrap in front of the legs and behind the legs to keep it from riding up. I ended up putting sticky tape over the non stick tape. It's worth it, you will see a change in a few days, though in my case some of the feathers grew weird because of the bandage, but I may cut them off.
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I had one duckling last year with the same problem. Out of almost 60 ducklings she is the only one that had a problem. To this day they aren't fixed. I taped them over and over nothing worked. Sorry I know that wasn't much help
Thanks for the advice y'all!!

Dee~ We used the medical wrap and Chips just wiggles till his wing is free then does the little "I know how to fly" dance and is running away from me so I can't put it back on. It's on his right side which I noticed is not the common side for this to happen and they do stick out funny.

Julie~ No one has picked on him at all over it and I haven't seen him or anyone else picking the feathers either. I know it's likely because the feathers are just so heavy for his poor little wing to hold up. I may just leave him be because it doesn't bother him and all of my other ducks treat him just the same as always.

Momagain~ Don't get ducks!!! I was only supposed to have 2 Pekins. Somehow I now have 2 Pekin, 2 Rouen & 2 Khaki Campbell.... with several friends on the look out for 2 Welsh Harlequin, 2 Magpies and 4 runners
They grow on you way faster than chickens do and you just want more and more and more
One of my male Rouens developed this on one side when he was growing 2 years ago. I tried everything, too, to tape it up. It was really hard to do, the duck was terrified and fought constantly to escape, it took 3 of us to do it, and he and the other ducklings would immediately set to work removing it as soon as he was released back into the flock. After 4 or 5 times going through this over the course of a weekend, I just gave up and said "whatever happens will happen" -- well, he has a droopy, twisted wing tip on one side, but it seems to make absolutely no difference to the bird in any way

Basically, this is just a cosmetic problem, unless perhaps its so severe the wing drags the ground and interferes with the birds normal activities or becomes irritated or infected. So if you just can't find an effective way to treat it, perhaps just don't worry about it.

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